Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Ok so I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to be writing here... I CONFESS! I HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE!

I just started this blog because everyone's been telling me to do it and truth be told I do like writing so I thought why not? Why not share my inner most personal and random thoughts with total strangers? Sounds fun no?

WOOOW this thing is actually saving as I type! This is a whole new world to me I tells ya!

Anyway back to actually writing something important and stuff.

You may have wondered why I have decided to name this page Never Ending Resolutions (sorry for the long title, I tried to cut it down I really did but it just looked like "Nvredngrsltns" which is not good look)


It's mostly because I don't have anything specific to talk about and also because I always find myself making resolutions? "Promises" or "New Rules" or "Operations" i.e. Operation Blossom which I'm still in the middle of (I might explain at a later date but only if you're super nice to me and buy me chips) so I thought it might be cool for you to join me on my resolution journey. Now don't get it twisted, just because I make resolutions doesn't mean I always stick to them or even do them. I get bored real easily you see so it takes a lot to keep me interested in something. I think I'm even getting bored of this whole blogging malarky to be honest.... ;) tee hee

So hopefully this will show you all my resolutions from the tiny daily "to do" list ones to the massive I must quit smoking ones (don't worry I don't actually smoke but you know what I mean now hopefully)

So hmmm... let’s see.....

I guess I should start with all the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year like everyone else.
I was working in a club as I usually am on New Years Eve (double pay baybay!) when it hit me in the middle of the celebrations amongst all the party poppers, tiny (and too damn tight) skirts, champs and drunkenness that THIS year I would:

1) LEARN A LANGUAGE. We should all try to learn another language right? But which one? Probably French or Spanish for now. Hmmm.... Ok SPANISH! I will learn how to speak fluent Spanish this year.

2) VOLUNTEER. Again we should all try to help out more no? Pull together like the great MJ said and Heal the World.. Make it a better place... *squints eyes and looks in the distance to really feel the meaning of the song* So yes I'm going to Volunteer for some kind of Charity that helps people when they're down.

3) START RUNNING, or swimming, or any kind of exercise, my metabolism is NOT what it used to be and I am tired of feeling like someone has punched me in the gut after running 10 seconds for the bus.

4) GET A NEW JOB. Sick of the one I have and the people I see every day (except for a few of course) plus I will NEVER live down the shame of the last Christmas party.....

5) CUT OUT RED MEAT (Not because I want to, but because it's all of a sudden started to make me ill) *cry cry*

6) SAY A BIG FAT YES to things I would usually say no to- simply because you gotta put yourself out there you know? Be daring and stuff (this applies to everything except roller coasters of course. And bungee jumping. And going anywhere NEAR an anteater... But definitely saying yes to everything else.)


I'm sure there were even more things on that list but it's now October and that's all I can actually remember.

So have I stuck to them???

1) FAIL. Even though I pestered my boyfriend to illegally download the Rosetta Stone Spanish learning thingy AND even bought a microphone on Amazon to use with the software I must have done it for about 2 weeks no lie. But at least now I know how to say milk in Spanish (Leche). Uh huh, that's right check me out *snaps fingers*

2) I started to volunteer for Victim Support, a charity that helps victims of crimes rebuild their lives, and I even went on the counselor training course and everything. But it's all gone a bit down south since I started looking for and got a new job which I guess answers number 4 for ya!

3) Swimming went out the window when I remembered my weave, so I tried running during the summer, bought all this running gear and was rearing to go! First I went three times a week, then two, then.... Eastenders. Eastenders + Chicken = me not going nowhere.
ANYWAY I've recently joined the gym! Last week I went to three different classes on three different days and felt like I was dying so I'm back on track baybay *proud nod*

4) Explained in 2.

5) I have had to do this reluctantly but have given in to some lamb and then a few months later a juicy TGI burger so far this year... OH and also meat pie but don't wanna discuss the meat pie because it made me and my boyfriend have our first major argument. (LOL)

6) I feel I have said yes to more things actually, *reflects* yes yes I believe I have! Although nothing major has happened. No-one has bought me sky diving tickets for example.

7) I'm working on it.

So I guess that’s me for now- I gotta go because I'm actually at work, supposed to be doing work but blatantly taking the piss so for now I will say HI as in welcome to the start of my very first blog but BYE as in see ya later, when I tell you about my currently active resolutions- oh yes - there's more.

In the meantime if you wanna tell me what your resolutions were at the beginning of the year and if you've stuck to them please do! It'll will be mad interesting to read and I will not judge you at all (ok I might a bit but not on purpose or anything)

Peace out- Eat chicken- Stay blessed

Shorntay Roxanne