Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Resolution 2: Must Not Freeze To Death.....

Ooooo Weee!

I'm home, I’m feeling cozy right now, heating’s on full blast, got my jogging bottoms on, Mr Mans t-shirt AND my fluffy socks- mm hmm I aint playing because it's FLIPPING FREEZING OUTSIDE.
I honestly can't take this weather. Every winter I say to myself I'm not doing another winter without a car! And here I am another winter without a car - Lol - I guess that one is prime example of a "misplaced" resolution.....

But moving swiftly on. I have to get the bus to and from work (which is bang slap in central London) so I’d freeze either way! I literally leave my house wrapped up in all the fake fur I own, Hat (check) Scarf (check) Gloves (check), run to the bus stop, get on the bus and dance to the music on my iPod, (you know when you dance ever so slightly in your seat so that no-one would know unless they were watching you SUPER hard and if they did you could accuse them of being a pervert?) then I jump off the bus when I reach my destination and again, run to my office building, go straight to the kitchen and put the kettle on... To fill up my hot water bottle, oh yes! I am not freezing whilst I work - I can't think of any worse combination!

So anyway- as you might have gathered, I don't like the cold. REALLY don't like it. So this week I have been struggling to, in effect, have a life. All I want to do after work is run home, jump under my duvet and eat chicken with mac n cheese (My mac n cheese is the best by the way- SNM)

I've also got to confess something....... But promise not to tell anyone ok..? Come closer to the screen because I'm not gonna say it out loud! Ok here goes:

I haven't been to the gym this week....

What you mean you didn't hear me? Gosh I hate repeating myself, you're lucky I like you...

I haven't been to the gym this week....

You still didn’t get that? OMG you're clearly not listening to me,


See now what you've made me do? Ya happy?! You've made me shame myself right here on my own blog..!

So I confess I haven’t been... It started off sooo well and now look . But in my defense, the only reason I haven't gone is because I've been freezing. Like I said I just wanna dive under the duvet and I'm sure everyone is experiencing the same thing at this time of year so don't you judge me. Don't think I can't see you judging meh!

Anyway I aint been and I'm not going at all this week so there. Might as well start a fresh next week no? Yes.. Yes, I think that would be best *props feet up on heater and pops a Malteser in her mouth*

So how am I gonna get over this winter you ask? I'm not entirely sure.... Every winter that starts makes me feel like I won’t survive to see the end of it. I can just picture the Police finding me frozen in a block of ice next to the fridge with a chicken leg in my hand....

All I know is that if it wasn't for Christmas (CHRISTMAS!!! 38 DAYS TO GO!) Which literally fills my heart and soul with joy-joy feelings and warms me from the inside out, I don't know how I'd survive winter.
It's also my birthday 10 days before Christmas (CHRISTMAS!!!) so I usually have that to look forward as well, although I'm not excited about becoming an OLD woman this year which is what I will be turning bloody 26.

I feel the Botox a’calling.... What? I'mjussaying.............................
I'm gonna go dive into my beautiful warm bed now but I wanna know if you lot have any tips for keeping warm- what do YOU do when you can't feel your toes? Help a Sistah out!

Until next time,

Keep warm, Stay blessed, and Eat Dixy.

Shorntay Roxanne - x -